Technology Education

Technology education is the first step in joining South Carolina’s budding IT community. To get started, be sure and utilize the state’s variety of program options! Here you will find all of the institutes and programs available in South Carolina for IT and Computer Science related education. 



It’s never too soon to begin planning for a future in IT! South Carolina has done the groundwork for training the next generation of technology professionals through enriching its K12 school system. In addition, there are several private STEM initiatives that are preparing today’s kids to take on tomorrow’s tech community.


Don’t wait to take your IT knowledge to the next level. South Carolina offers a huge list of accredited programs that will provide you the tools and skills you need to take the IT community by storm. Check out our numerous universities and find the program that best suits you.


If standard educational programs aren’t your cup of tea, that’s perfectly fine! South Carolina also has a handful of non-traditional training programs that provide a more hands-on experience to learning technology basics.